Campaign Pledges

Here are some of the things I will do if elected:


  • • Allow residents to join Mayor and council meetings remotely via Zoom
    • The borough pays for an annual Zoom subscription, yet refuses to conduct meetings in a hybrid fashion
  • • Implement an automated weekly email system to communicate pertinent information to residents
    • Waldwick and Ho-Ho-Kus do this to keep their residents in the know, so why can’t we?
  • • Allow residents to attend and participate in Ordinance Review Committee meetings
  • Invite residents to participate in meetings for the Parks & Recreation Committee, Historical Society, Board of Health and other entities. Conduct these meetings in a hybrid fashion, both in person and on Zoom

Good Governance

Involving Saddle River residents is important to all policy discussions and initiatives. As mayor, I will emphasize community engagement with a participatory approach to decision-making.

I will organize town hall meetings and online platforms to gather feedback form citizens on various issues such as deer conflicts, budget allocation, affordable housing issues and environmental policies.

This elections is about your voice. It’s your vote and your choice!

Property Values

• Review all ordinances which may have a negative impact on your property values and your quality of life. These include ordinances that harm our environment, schools, emergency services or waste taxpayer dollars

• Rescind the ordinance that permits the discharge of lethal weapons within 150 feet of a residential structure

• Permanently ban dangerous, unregulated, unsubstantiated, recreational backyard hunting by the NJ United Bowhunters, which has lead to 65 wasteful police reports

When I first moved to Saddle River, I never imagined wounded deer bleeding out across multiple properties while being chased by bow hunters. Especially since we can easily end deer overpopulation by simply sterilizing deer.

Fiscal Responsibility

• The borough’s bonding debt went from $12,000,000 in 2015 to $23,000,000 in 2023. We need transparency to ensure smart and careful investments

• Send every resident quarterly financial reports, showing actual revenue and expenses vs. projected along with an explanation of any significant variations between them as well as current balance sheet information.

Yours truly,

Vincent Louis “Vin” Blehl

Saddle River Mayoral Candidate

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